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In honor of those who have suffered, and in memory of those lost.
Semper Fidelis.
God Bless America.

Ok, as the title proclaims above, here's the scoop.

We're working on a slighlty modified look (there was just way to much freakin' blue in the last one) and we're also working dilligently to get the SwearWords.Com database online as well as the Razzin' Frazzin' comic.

We've paired down the site to what you see now until we get the rest of the stuff working and online. We didn't have time to keep up with the board and it was gettin' ugly.

To stay abreast of the "haps", to use the vernacular, click on the link to the left and join the mailing list. There may be periodic updates here as well, but never anything that won't be sent out on the mailing list first.

Don't email us. We don't give a crap how much you want the site up, or how many times you threaten to fuck our mothers until we get it online. This is a hobby for us. We don't make shit for doing it. We'll get it done in our own time.

Until then, enjoy the mailing list. We WILL send updates when there's something to say. The site WILL be fully functional and those on the mailing list WILL HEAR ABOUT IT FIRST.

Thanks. C-YA!

PS: If you, for some reason, are offended by this message. What the FUCK are you doing at this site!?!